Heavy Duty Submersible Cutter Pumps

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    Severe Duty Cutter Pump

    Pumping un-screened raw sewage can cause system problems – for a variety of reasons: Stringy, fibrous material frequently clog conventional submersible pumps and discharge piping. Pumps that macerate or grind the solid material can overload the primary sedimentation tanks at sewage treatment plants.

    Power-Flo Cutter pumps incorporate a unique shearing “scissoring” action. This guarantees that fibrous waste and debris are chopped into pumpable pieces allowing blockage free flow through the pump and piping.

    Power-Flo Cutter pumps have been successfully installed and operated in many difficult pumping applications. They have achieved significant savings on operation costs as well as delivering marked improvements in system efficiency.

    Max Flow – 4500 GPM
    Max Head – 295 Ft. TDH
    Pump Body – Cast Iron to Class 40B
    Impeller – Austenitic Cast Iron to ASTM A436-80-85-06
    Cutter Blades – Tool Steel hardened and tempered to grade 45/47
    Rockwell “C”