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American Marsh Pumps - New Jersey & Southeastern Pennsylvania

American-Marsh Pumps, is one of the oldest pump manufacturers in America.  In a business steeped in heritage.  Since 1873 American-Marsh Pumps has withstood the test of time be it world wars, depressions or technological revolution.  Today American-Marsh offers thirteen product lines. 

Whether your need is for a self-priming diaphragm pump, a stainless steel vertical sump pump or anything in between, look to American Marsh Pumps to provide a  durable high quality solution. .

High Quality Pumps Available Include:

  • Vertical Process Sump
  • Solids Handling
  • Double Suction
  • Submersible Solids Handling
  • Two Stage, Four & Six Stage HSC
  • Regenerative Turbine
  • + Many More!

Example installations and service visits:


Custom control panels

Water and wastewater pumps

Complete package grinder pump stations - available in concrete and fiberglass


Pump station design

Hydraulic analysis

Pipeline analysis

Emergency pump repair



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