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About G.T. Smith & Associates

G.T. Smith & Associates, Inc. has over Twenty-Five years experience in the water and waste-water field representing major manufacturers supplying pumps, controls, air-release valves and related equipment within the industry.


Earle C. Smith
company founder

Graduate of University of Miami, Physics Teacher at Cal Tech, MENSA member

Has written many papers for the Water Pollution Control Federation and wrote Appendix D “Common Blunders”.

He also greatly assisted the Editor-in-Chief, Robert L. Sanks, Head of the Engineering Department at Montana State University, on many chapters in what has become to be known as the one of the best written handbooks on pump stations, titled “Pump Station Design”.

Gary T. Smith has headed up the company since the late 90’s.

GT Smith & Associates, Inc proudly serves New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania. 
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Custom control panels

Water and wastewater pumps

Complete package grinder pump stations - available in concrete and fiberglass


Pump station design

Hydraulic analysis

Pipeline analysis

Emergency pump repair



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